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Audio for programmers

Audio formats for programmers

A good source for file formats is Among them there is a collection of music formats.

Ogg Vorbis seems to be an important format in the future.

See also my collection of music notation formats.

General information, theses, mathematics and physics of pitch recognition

I recommend to read the short introduction What is Music Recognition by AKoff Sound Labs, that holds for all such programs.

Text 'new' Solo Explorer is also available as DLL Library. (Click on Products -> technology licensing). There you find a comprehensive library on the topic. (Click on research -> bibliography).

Musical Signal Parameter Estimation, a thesis by Tristan Jehan.

The Journal of the Accoustical Society of America Online

Detection of Signals in Noise by Robert N. McDonough, A. D. Whalen Hardcover - 495 pages 2nd edition (April 1995) Academic Pr; ISBN: 0127448527

Audio XML formats

MIDI XML Specifications

MIDI XML Specifications by the MIDI Manufacturers Association.


XMidi by Peter Loeb is a representation of MIDI in XML.


4ml aka fourml is a simple open source audio XML application that is simple and a little more abstract than MIDI.


Recognisoft maintains a link list (click on links).

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