PDF (A4) PDF (letter) xsl-fo (A4) xsl-fo (letter) Music Notation

Musical notation codes


xml ascii binary proprietary


Apple GarageBand Format (.band)



MNML - The Musical Notation Markup Language



MML: Music Markup Language

Theta: Tonal Harmony Exploration and Tutorial Assistent



eXtensible Score Language (XScore)

MusiXML: My own format

MusicXML (.mxl, .xml)








JMSL Score


EMNML - Extensible Music Notation Markup Language



Music Description Language (MDL)

MuseScore file format (.msc, .mscx, .mscz)

Virtual Musician Markup Language (VMML)

Music Catalog (MusiCat)

CapXML (.capx)

SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics


PDF used as music notation format


GUIDO Music Notation Language


MusiXTeX, MusicTeX, MuTeX...

**kern (.krn)




Musedata format (.md)


Philip's Music Writer (PMW)


Mup music publication program


Liszt: The SharpEye OMR engine output file format

Drum Tab

Enigma Transportable Format (ETF)

CMN: Common Music Notation

OMNL: Open Music Notation Language

Scot: A Score Translator for Music 11


CMME corpus mensurabilis musice electronicum

Nightingale Notelist

MusicKit ScoreFile

CHARM (Common Hierarchical Abstract Representation of Music)



Plaine and Easie

Clan Lord music notation


Leadsheet Notation

Band In A Box file format (.sgu, .mgu, .mg1, .mg9)

Bagpipe Music Writer file format (.bww)

General information


QuickScore Elite file format (.qsd)

WAV audio file format (.wav)

MP3 audio file format (.mp3)

WMA audio file format (.wma)

MusicWrite file format (.mwk)

Overture file format (.ove)

ScoreWriter file format (.scw)

Copyist file format (.CP6 and .CP4)

Rich MIDI Tablature format - RMTF

Creative Music File Format

Sibelius Plugin Interface

Finale Plugin Interface

Internal format of Finale (.mus)

XMF - eXtensible Music Format


Internal format of Capella (.cap)

SASL: Simple Audio Score Language

Music Publisher and Noteworthy 2 File Format (.nwc)

The SCORE format

RMF - Rich Music Format

The studio session song (SSS) file format

Guitar Pro File Format (.gtp, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5, .gpx)

KGuitar File Format (.kg)

TablEdit File Format (.tef)

Tilia: the file format of Lime


Forte file format (.fnf)

Old music formats

msf (Myriad Software)

Internal format of NoteWriter

Internal format of NtEd

Internal format of NoteAbility Pro

Rhapsody Notation Program File Format (.rhp)

Encores internal File Format (.enc)

Music Time internal File Format (.mus). Music Time Pro internal File Format (.mts).

Sibelius File Format

The internal format of Score Perfect

The internal format of PriMus

The internal format of Notion

Musitek SmartScore Extended Notation Format (.ENF)

Neuratron Photoscore Format (.opt)

Music software

SCOREMAKER - music scanning and notation program

THoTH - assist in the learning of improvisation and comping

Capella music notation software

Capella 1200 music notation software

tonica fugata software for compositions, canons, fugues

Capella-scan: scan sheet music and text

Capella playAlong

SmartScore Professional Edition - Precision music scanning & world-class scoring.

Ableton Live - audio and MIDI sequencer

Ableton Suite - Ableton Live + Instruments

DTAB - Drum TAB editor

Sibelius - music notation software

Sibelius G7 Kontakt Edition - The ultimate tool for creative guitarists

Finale music notation program

Finale Allegro music notation program

Finale PrintMusic music notation program

Finale NotePad music notation program

Finale Reader music notation program

PhotoScore Ultimate Music Scanning

Personal Composer - music notation, MIDI, sequencing

Guitar Pro - tablature editor

Guitar Pro OS X - tablature editor

Guitar Pro Linux - tablature editor

ScoreWriter - music notation software (slimmed down from Overture)

Notation Composer - music notation software

Notation Musician - music notation software

Notation Technologies PlayMusic

Notation Technologies FretWriter Lite

Notation Technologies Manuscript Maker

Notion - Music Notation Software

Notion Protégé - Music Creation Software

Progression - Music Software for Guitar

NCH Switch audio file format converter for Windows & Mac

WIDI Recognition System (Professional audio to MIDI converter)

WIDI Recognition System (Standard audio to MIDI converter)

WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Plugin (Windows Version)

WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Plugin (MAC OS X Version)

WIDI Audio To MIDI Audio Unit (MAC OS X Version)

Celemony Melodyne uno audio editor

Celemony Melodyne plugin audio editor

Celemony Melodyne cre8 audio editor

Celemony Melodyne studio audio editor

Wave Machine Labs Drumagog Drum Replacer Plug-In


LilyPond - music notation program

OOoLilyPond - a macro for

Rosegarden - audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor

Koto Score Generator

Myriad Music Plug-In - for web browsers

mingus - Music theory and notation package for Python

ScoreRender - sheet music rendering plugin for Wordpress

NtEd - a musical score editor for Linux

WiiToMidi - convert signals from a Nintendo Wii controller to MIDI signals

Neck Diagrams

noteflight - editing scores in the web browser

scorio - editing scores in the web browser

Music Publisher music notation software

Music Publisher Scanning Edition - music notation software

Beatnik mobileBAE audio engine

Beatnik Mobile Sound Builder

SmartScore Songbook Edition - Limit: 3 staves

SmartScore Piano Edition - Limits: 2 staves / no text or lyrics / no TAB or percussion.

SmartScore MIDI Edition - Limits: 4 staves / No text or lyrics / No printing / MIDI output only / no TAB or percussion.

SmartScore Guitar Edition - Limits: 1 staff / No text or lyrics / no TAB or percussion.

visiv SharpEye Music Reader

Lime Music Notation Software


HymnQuest - hymn collection

NoteAbility Pro - a professional music notation package for the Macintosh OS-X operating system

Ableton Live LE - audio and MIDI sequencer

Nightingale Desktop Music Publishing software

GVOX Encore - music notation software

GVOX Music Time Deluxe - music notation software

NoteWorthy Composer

NoteWorthy Player

NoteWorthy Brwoser Plugin

NoteWorthy Winamp Plugin

TaBazar - a notation program for fretted instruments (like guitar, bass, banjo or mandolin) and percussion

TablEdit - Tablatures editor and standard notation editor

Dolet for Finale - MusicXML Plugin

Dolet for Sibelius - MusicXML plugin

JMSL - Java Music Specification Language

MaxScore – music notation in Max/MSP

Sibelius Scorch - browser plugin

Sibelius Student - music notation software for students

Igor engraver for music notation

Finale Songwriter music notation program

middle C software toolkit - optical music recognition


Turandot - score writing program

PhotoScore MIDI Lite

SipXML - MusicXML to Score converter

SipScore2XML - Score to MusicXML converter

Vivaldi Scan - Music OCR Software

Vivaldi Plus - simple music notation software

Vivaldi Gold - notation software

Vivaldi Platinum - notation software and music ocr software

QuickScore Elite - Music Composition and Notation Software

Sionsoft Copyist - music notation software

MuseBook Score - an electronic score solution which automatically turns page for you!

MusicEase - music notation software

Mozart - music notation software

Harmony Assistant - music composition and notation editing.

Melody Assistant

KlavarScript - klavar notation software

Overture 4 - music notation software

Steinberg Sequel - Music Creation and Performance

Steinberg Cubase 4 - Advanced Music Production System

Steinberg Cubase Studio 4 - Music Production System

Steinberg Cubase Essential 4 - Personal Music Production System

Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered

musicRAIN - music sheet viewer software

GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator

ClanLord - multiplayer game

MagicScore Maestro - Music Notation Software for Musicians

MusicMaster - Music Notation Software

MagicScore Classic - Music Notation Software for Musicians

MusiCAD score-editor

Forte - a notational, sequencing and recording software package


AudioScore - music to score and music notation

PDFtoMusic Pro music scanner

PDFtoMusic music scanner

Masterwriter Songwriting Software

Impro-Visor - music notation software

Optical Music easy Reader (OMeR)

MIDI-Connections SCAN - optical music recognition

Score Perfect Professional

Score Perfect Standard

Score Perfect Education

PriMus - Musiknotationsprogramm

PriMus Classic - Musiknotationsprogramm

t-rox Studio: notations software with automatical audio music recognition

Apple GarageBand - Sequencer

Celemony Melodyne essential audio editor: bundle version

Obtiv Octava - music notation software

Ludwig - composing software

Apple Logic Pro - Digital Audio Workstation and MIDI sequencer

capella wave kit - wave manipulation and wave to MIDI conversion

BEAM - a DOS box beam utility for SCORE

EDITSCOR - a conditional editor of Score files

EDITSCOR - a conditional editor of Score files

LJ - horizontal spacing system for use with Score

standalone GUIDO NoteViewer

standalone GUIDO NoteViewer

Denemo - a gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond

Ableton Live Light - audio and MIDI sequencer

Drum Tab Printer

CMN: Common Music Notation

PMX: PMX to MusiXTeX preprocessor

M-Tx - a preprocessor for PMX

MusicKit - music programming library

Denzo Guitar Software

CMME corpus mensurabilis musice electronicum

Muscript - language for typesetting music

muscriptps2svg Muscript to SVG converter

SongWrite - tablature (guitar partition) editor

NoteEdit - free music score editor for Linux

Freedots - MusicXML to Braille music notation converter


Virtual Composer

Gamera - structured document analysis

GUIDOLib - graphical rendering of musical scores (C++ library)

BarFly - integrated text editor/player/viewer for abc music files


Text to Humdrum Bol Converter

Humdrum to Score Bol Converter

Digital Music Notebook

abc2ly - abc to lilypond converter

nl2xml - notelist to MusicXML Converter

The MusicXML Library (libmusicxml, C++)

etf2ly - ETF to Lilypond converter

Django tablature editor and composer

BUZZle - modular music composing and sequencing tool

COMUS music printing system

xml2hum - MusicXML to Humdrum kern converter

hum2xml - Humdrum kern to MusicXML converter

mid2hum - MIDI to Humdrum kern converter

pae2kern - Plaine & Easie code to Humdrum kern converter

hum2abc - Humdrum kern to abc converter

hum2gmn - Humdrum kern to Guido Music Notation converter

hum2mid - Humdrum kern to MIDI converter

Xenoage MusicXML Player


PowerTab Tools



DGuitar - a Guitar Pro (*.GP4,*.GP3,GTP) viewer, player

ABC Plus (abcm2ps) - music notation software



CapToMusic - capella to MusicXML converter

nwc2xml - converts Noteworthy Composer's file into MusicXML

mxml2nwcc - converts MusicXML to Noteworthy

NightXML - Translates MusicXML (timewise or partwise) files into Nightingale Notelist files and back

GLozart - piano visualization

ABC Navigator - music notation software


Audiveris Music Scanner

ProxyMusic - MusicXML Java Library

Speech Analyzer


dvisvgm dvi (TeX) to SVG converter

TuxGuitar - A Multitrack tablature editor and player

massey DTM plugin - Drum-to-MIDI converter

capella Media Producer: organize and convert music files

Beatnik Editor


Musitek PianoScan


Neume - Software For Music Education

Niffty - NIFF viewer Applet

Toccata Braille Music Transcription Program

Score Preview - a viewer for SCORE

SipSib - reads Sibelius EPS and writes Score format


NEST 10 - nest Score macro files

PINYIN - Score utility

SCOREMID - Score to MIDI converter

Note Processor - DOS Music notation program

a-R - Sun solaris Music notation program

Salieri System - an interactive software environment for structure oriented composition, manipulation and analysis of music

NoteWriter - music notation package (obsolete)

MuX2d - a WYSIWYM(ean) editor for MusiXTeX

PaperChord - Guitar chords and progressions

PMTeX: PMX to MusiXTeX preprocessor




SCORE Music Publishing System

Five Line Skink

DixShtix - Java Music Library


GUIDO XML Kit - C++ library

GUIDO parser-kit

sibelius2guido - sibelius to guido converter

finale2guido - finale 2 guido converter

Guitar Studio - tablature editor

GIde includes a syntax highlight editor for GUIDO files and a GUI for creating scores by drag and drop

Philip's Music Writer (PMW)

Midinotate Composer

Project Xemo (dead): Java Music Notation Program on NetBeans

My new eBook (in German)

Professionell Ankern - vom NLP-Practitioner bis zum Coaching and its Website

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