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Consumer rights, Copyright...

Peter Seebach: Standards and specs: Digital rights management: When a standard isn't. When is a standard not compatible? The umbrella term is digital rights management. Whether you're a buyer or a seller of a product, the essential goal of standardization is to make interoperability possible, allowing communication with anyone else using the same protocol and media. In some cases though, vendors have specific reasons for not being compatible -- and those vendors have developed a standard for incompatibility, digital rights management (DRM). The goal of DRM is to limit compatibility because things which are compatible can be copied and distributed freely. In this installment, Peter Seebach looks at a potential oxymoron -- standards designed to subvert and prevent interoperability.

Verbraucherschützer: Kopierende Konsumenten sind keine Verbrecher, Consumers Digital Rights

Music Publishers' Association Of The United States: Copyright Resource Center.

No Suit Required. Terry McBride has a maverick approach to music management: Take care of the fans and the bands, and the business will take care of itself.

Link collections

Link collection of the Coalition for Music Education.

Best XML Web Links --> Multimedia --> Music

A list of links: MusicalOnline: Music Technology

Glossaries and dictionaries

dolmetsch online: music dictionary online

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary by Richard Cole and Ed Schwartz.

Thanks to Giuseppe Nicotra a glossary of Music Notation is available.

Multilingual music glossary, Italien to English, German, French and Dutch.

Sounds and acoustics

Text 'new' Vibration, Music and the Basic Truths of Reality

FindSounds finds sound files by file formats, number of channels, resolution, sample rate, file size and description. It just works.

The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Music Acoustics: the physics of instruments, singing...

Music Information Retrieval

music-ir list is a high quality mailing list. I have the impression that anybody who works on MIR is on this list.

MIR Systems, A Survey of Music Information Retrieval Systems. Rainer Typke Department of Computer Science Utrecht University. This site provides an overview of content-based Music Information Retrieval systems. For each system, properties such as query formulation (e. g., audio or music notation), stored data (e. g., audio/audio fingerprints/MIDI), distance measures, matching, and indexing techniques are listed.

Sources on the WWW

Crossword puzzle: the second letter of "Stentorian, in Music Notation" is an F. You find the next letter on the Sheet music page.

How to write Music.

Music Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Activities

A searching machine for the UK where music teachers can register themselves and be found.

How Bad Software Pays Dividends

The Thesis by Christph Weiß (1995) describes a document/view architecture for the representation of musical scores. It is the same idea that has been implemented later in MusiXML and Igor. (In the case of MusiXML 1998 without knowing this work).

A Formal Grammar for Describing Music by Adam Tee and notation issues are part of the Denemo, a gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond.

Musik im Wissensraum der Informationstechnologie by Guerino Mazzola.

JavaTuner This Java applet demonstrates various historical tunings and temperaments and allows one to experiment with them.

Art and Technology (German) provides information on guitar music.

The Odradek Institute has an excellent collection of resources: music technology and cultures. Take the time to read it.

UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World

A Base-40 Number-line Representation of Musical Pitch Notation by Walter B. Hewlett. is a comprehensive source for music on the Mac.

mfiles is a free sheet music site by Jim Paterson. The sheet music is in gif and/or Sibelius format.

Music Graphics Galore: Free, music-related graphics, images, icons, clipart and background

Printed Music Worldwide lists publishing houses for printed music.

RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales is collecting a database of old music - with its own format.

Music and Computers

Harmony Central provides an overview of Computer Music Resources.

Bookmarks for Han-Wen Nienhuys, author of LilyPond.

Telematics for Libraries Music resources, projects and Services.

Music resources on

A very comprehensive Bibliography.

Bibliography: Books about Music Engraving and Notation

Ducks Deluxe a web site for guitar and general music. People who know to make freandly websites.

Music in the Canon(or, The Music of the Canon) A Waldzell Forum Essay

David Canright has some interesting articles I can't classify:
Superparticular Pentatonics, Fibonacci Gamelan Rhythms, Harmonic-Melodic Diagrams, A Tour Up The Harmonic Series, A Justly-Tuned Guitar, On Piano Retuning Pentatonics I Have Known, Rational Notation

Themefinder is a database of themes.

Music Theory Online

The Online Music Recognition and Searching (OMRAS) also has a full description page.

My new eBook (in German)

Professionell Ankern - vom NLP-Practitioner bis zum Coaching and its Website

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