MML: Music Markup Language

Music Markup Language is an XML application.


taken from chorale:

<bar barid="treb-1">3[E A] [3E B] [3E:8 C]F:8 [3G C] <notation> <bindbegin id="b1" beat="3" note="E" /> <bindend end="b1" beat="3.5" /> </notation> </bar>

Discussion of the example

As you can see, main parts of the format are not defined in XML itself, but in a microformat that is embedded in XML. (the XML syntax error is part of the original example)

Also note, that in this example, the notation element is a child of the bar element. Compare this with the DTD where the notation element is allowed only as child of the song element. This is only one of several errors that prevent an implementation of this format.

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