RMF - Rich Music Format

RMF defined by Beatnik . It is a wrapper for audio formats like .wav, .au, .aiff, .mp3 and MIDI. The purpose of the format is to encrypt the data and to store MIDI and sounds together. RMF is not much used at the moment, but it can gain importance from the fact that the reference implementation of the Java Media Framework and JavaSound can play RMF files.

RMF is not documented. The RMF datasheet from Beatnik just describe what you can do with RMF. There is only one editor that can create RMF files. For those who just want to play one format, it makes no sense to use RMF. It makes you dependant from one company and gives you no advantage. One should encrypt only with documented methods. Undocumented encrypting methods are considered unsecure. See the (undocumented) encryption of DVD explained in simple words .

XMF solves this problem.

RMF and XMF make sense where you have to deliver the sounds for your MIDI events.

Programs exporting RMF - Rich Music Format:

Beatnik Editor

Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2, Windows

Beatnik Editor imports RMF

Programs importing RMF - Rich Music Format:

Beatnik mobileBAE audio engine

Symbian, Nucleus RTOS , Windows Mobile, J2ME

Beatnik Editor

Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2, Windows

Beatnik Editor exports RMF

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