SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is a graphics format that bases on XML . I see two applications of SVG in musical notation:

SVG is defined by the World Wide Web Consortium

SVG is a prefered format for pictures anc vector graphics in und As soon as music notation programs and midi programs can export single measures and tablatures as SVG files, this files could be used as high quality files in many wiki projects.

If you know music notation programs that export to SVG, please let me know. Several people expressed interest in this topic.

There are so many SVG resources on the Web, I can't list them all.

There is a change in the SVG draft of 29 June 2000:
Made the 'unicode' attribute on the 'glyph' element #IMPLIED to allow for definition of glyphs which do not have corresponding code points in Unicode. Such glyphs can only be accessed via the 'altGlyph' facility.

This is good especially for music notation symbols, since the UNICODE people don't want graphical symbols inside UNICODE: Unicode is for symbols that are used in a text line. This is what the symbols 1D100 - 1D1FF are intended for. These symbols are not intended for notation symbols that are placed 2-dimensional in a graphical music notation editor.

Programs exporting SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics:

muscriptps2svg Muscript to SVG converter


muscriptps2svg Muscript to SVG converter imports Muscript


Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, C++

MuseScore imports MuseScore, MusicXML, MIDI, capella, Musedata, Bagpipe-Music-Writer, Band-In-A-Box, OvertureFormat

NtEd - a musical score editor for Linux


NtEd - a musical score editor for Linux imports NtEdFormat, MusicXML

LilyPond - music notation program

Linux, Red Hat i386, LinuxPPC, SuSE, Shockware, Mandrake, Debian, Mac OS X, Darwin, NetBSD, Solaris, AIX, Windows

LilyPond - music notation program imports MusicXML, LilyPond



MusiqueXML imports MusiqueXML

dvisvgm dvi (TeX) to SVG converter

Linux, Windows

dvisvgm dvi (TeX) to SVG converter imports MusiXTeX

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