Old music formats

An old list of even older music languages and music formats by William Alves. Most of them are not music notation specific:

MUSIC I, MUSIC II, MUSIC III, MUSIC IV, MUSIC 4B, MUSIC 4F, ORPHEUS, GROOVE , MUSIC V, MUSIC 360, MUSIC 6 ?, MUSIC 4BF, OUTPERFORM, SYMPFONICS, MUSIC 7, MUSIC7, MUSIC 10, MUSIC 11, POD6, MUS10, MOM, ORGANUM 1, ST, DCMP, LPC, PROD, SSP, POD7, MUSCMP, MUS8, PILE, invokator, SYNTA L-II, UPIC, autoklang, PLAY1, PLAY2, PLACOMP PLATO, TREE/COTREE, SSSP, SYN4B, INV, CHANT, MUSIC 1000, 4CED, Music Composition Language, CMUSIC, Algorithmic Music Language, Pla, SCRIPT, Flavors Band, Arctic, FORMES, HMSL, CSOUND, CMIX, MASC, FORMULA, MUSIGOL, AMPLE, Kyma, Adagio, Moxc, Canon, Fugue, Keynote, Max, Ravel, Symbolic Composer

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