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Celemony Melodyne uno audio editor

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Text 'new' I don't understand why, but at the time I'm writing this, it's cheaper to buy Melodyne uno from Musician's Friend (see below) than directly from Celemony. Compare yourself because it's your money.

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Celemony Melodyne Uno

Celemony Melodyne Uno

Melodyne Uno offers you the celebrated Melodyne technology in the most compact and affordable format. It is a one-track audio editor for monophonic audio files. Melodyne Uno dispenses with the multi-track Arrange window of the larger versions of Melodyne and operates like a normal sample editor: all you do is load in a file, edit it, save your work, and you're done. There couldn't be a simpler or more intuitive way to benefit from Melodyne's unique editing possibilities.Like the larger versions of Melodyne, Uno uses efficient combi tools for all Editor parameters. Moreover, the Correct Pitch and Quantize Time macros are available, too. The Correct Pitch macro allows you to correct the pitch of out-of-tune notes and eliminate ugly pitch drift from a recording with two mouse clicks. The Quantize Time macro offers you just as quick and convenient a way of correcting timing errors - notes that sound too late or too soon or are held too long or not long enough. This makes Melodyne Uno the ideal tool for vocal production, editing melodies and grooves, and for correcting audio recordings.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X

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