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Blank Manuscript

Blank Manuscript

This is a font with which you can easily make your own customised Music Manuscript, from basic to detailed.

There’s a comprehensive guide to using it and the everyday stuff is really easy and intuitive (it has to be - we use it!). It’s been designed so that you can make simple and intermediate pages very quickly, but there’s a lot more if you want to get deeper in. (The fundamentals like Staff Lines, Treble, Bass + Alto Clefs, sharp and flat signs and Time Signatures are very easy, we made sure.)

There’s lots of examples, and just about all the music symbols you're ever going to want to print will be in here, plus dozens of instrument names (well over 100). The extras like the PDFs and Examples are contained in the zip file, make sure you download the full zip rather than just installing this font.

To get a feel for what it does, try typing the following into the above text display box: capital T, B, A for Treble, Bass, Alto Clef signs.

Or type in numerals 1234567890 to give the flat signs.

Or more adventurously, type in B28WL Ttip and AeoX for Clefs with accidentals and Time Signatures.

Autor: Aah Yes
Font-Typ: OpenType, TTF
Lizenz: Kommerziell

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