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RealScore Jazz Font Set

RealScore Jazz Font Set: RealScore Jazz Font Set for SIBELIUS is a third party music symbols font which can be used with SIBELIUS to produce handwritten music in a style similar to that of many jazz charts, including a complete script font for text, chord symbols, and hundreds of symbols for jazz and commercial music. The fonts set includes 7 accompanying fonts to help transform the overall appearance of the music and titles.

RealScore Sibelius Fonts are supplied in TrueType formats (WIN and MAC), and can be embedded in EPS and PDF files for publishing:RealScore, RealScore Script, RealScore Extended, RealScore Oblique, RealScore Chords, RealScore Text, RealScore Special, RealScore Metronome, RealScore Time and RealScore Title.. The package also includes: RealScore Library and WordMenu file.

Autor: Nor Eddine Bahha
Font-Typ: TTF
Lizenz: Kommerziell

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